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A young historian (b)logging their journey like those who came before.

Latest from the Blog

there’s everything and then there’s history (which is also everything)

The interdisciplinary nature of public history never fails to astound me. Public history reaches into many fields, whether said fields acknowledge it or not. Geography, cartography, geology, anthropology, archaeology, archival and library science, conservation, preservation, visual arts, design, etc etc etc. History wriggles its way into anything and everything, even if folks don’t always engage…

presenting oral history

Working on the Vision SoHo project has raised a lot of questions for me–specifically, it’s raised the question of how to increase engagement with the products of oral history projects. What other ways are there to use or present interviews? How can we make them something that the public actively engages with? I think there…

running a privilege check

I’ve been thinking about how my privilege shapes my interactions with history, or even more generally. I think I was wrong to defend the Follow the North Star program. I stand by what I said about it teaching empathy, but everyone else was correct as well. It does naturally cheapen and minimize the experiences of…

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